The .story Behind the .name

What's the story behind the site's name: Ezentrix? Well.. How can I start this? Oh well.Here goes:

It was March 08('07) the second day of this school year's final exams. The exam for the next day is Math so all I need to review is the formulas and stuff. I then browsed through the net. ( As I do everyday ) Looked at my favorite websites such as.. Oh well, it would be a very long list. Anyway, since I wanted to share the things that I can share to everyone ( scribbles, stories, photos, etc.) I decided to make a website.

Now here comes the hard part: what should my site be known? Of course, as known for being witty and inventive in creating or thinkin of names, I wanted it to be unique in some way. But yeah, my brain-cells were so damn tired because of the memorizations I did for our history test so...

I didn't really invented the name

The real masterminds behind this name is my whole (well not really) class - section. You see, Ezentrix was derived from the word eccenthric - meaning unique . Now, Ezentrix is used to be our whole - section's name for the annual sports festival.

Since we're the freshmen of this said schoolyear, we were really... pazaway - (notorious). And was often scolded by our ever loving homeroom teacher. Since we felt like being looked-down by the other years and like our teachers were expecting for us to show our much hidden talents ( w/c kinda backfired at certain times) we're very pressured. See, the seniors call themselves the 'Legends' ( w/c is somehow accurate to their talent etc.) and the others.. I awfully don't know yet. So, here comes the massive brainstorming within the section. The first choices were Lynx (uh-uh).. Freestylers( supposed to be)... and oblivion. Due to the meanings of those reffered words, we ended up in having debates and whatsoever for days. Then this word eccenthric was blurted out by one of my classmates and said that it means unique. It's as if everyone was livened by its meaning. ( at last! its true!)

Ezentrix - why we're unique

"If they're the Legends then we're the unique ones! The Ezentrix!

I see that everyone in the world is unique and yeah we consider ourselves unique because even if there are those tight school event/projects/schedules, we still found a way to make our way through. Not to mention the unique 'annoyingness' of the boys they're mostly the culprits that results to the scolding...

Due to the insistent demand of my exam tomorrow, I'll be going now and continue this some other time.

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