While wandering around the strangely unique world of Ezentrix, you stumbled upon a uniquely - strange scroll... You opened it with a wondering mind and the second you saw the first letters, you knew it is a PRO-SCROLL!!


It's just another made up word by no other than me *wink* With this equation:

profile + scroll = pro-scroll

you could've guessed why it is called a pro-scroll! (wishing)

I used this word in the story that I wrote, it was sort of anime-ish theme. As in it has love, action, magic and all. So when the main characters : Fenrisse, Zerac, Harini, Daris & Conan Will meet their mentor - to be, they were given some data about that certain guy in the form of a scroll. Which is the Pro-Scroll.

Pro-Scroll (profile + scroll)
- A scroll wherein the data of a certain person is constantly being recorded. Wherever he/she is you will know, how old he/she is you'll also know. Not to mention that the pro-scroll also changes depending the person's personality. (ex: if he/she doesn't like to talk about age, sorry, it would be two question marks if you loook at the scroll).

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